Web Developer/Software Developer

Developed ColdFusion web applications for clients all over the country.


11/14/2016 - Current


Saltech Systems

Project Description

I started at Saltech Systems in November of 2016 after working for Iowa State for 6 short months. When I started at Saltech, I thought I was a pretty good web developer, only to realize that there is so much that I don't know. Sure, I knew the basics (Database management, server-side, client-side, etc...), but my position at Saltech truly opened my eyes to the full world of full-stack web development. From this position, I learned that building a website isn't all about making sure the page works, but making a page that feels right. Users today are impatient, so if your site is slow, or unintuitive, then people are likely to bounce. Saltech taught me not only what things to look out for, but also how to avoid or fix those problems. Saltech has given me the skills and knowledge to write production quality code, in a resource and time efficient manner.

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