General Laborer

Tore down cars, inventoried parts, and performed miscellaneous tasks.


08/21/2013 - 05/09/2016


Jerry Carney and Son's Auto Salvage

Project Description

Carney's was my first job after High School, and it was an eye opening experience. I started there with no prior knowledge of cars, and had to quickly adapt to keep up with their fast paced operation. I started as a 'drainer', which is the person that drains the oil, gas, and other harmful liquids out of the junk cars before they go sit in the yard. This daily grind quickly instilled in me a work ethic that still drives me today. After working as a drainer for a few months, the noticed I could be put to use in other ways as well, and they started having me inventory car parts. In this position I was one of the guys that decided which parts of junk cars were worth selling. I no longer left work covered in grease, and I got to spend most of the time on a computer, which I quickly realized was my natural habitat. If it weren't for Carney's I wouldn't have been able to pay for school, so in a way, all my success is thanks to them!

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