Embedded Software Engineer

Programmed embedded micro controllers and display controllers for John Deere Sprayers


03/19/2018 - Current


John Deere

Project Description

In March of 2018, I accepted a position as an embedded software engineer for John Deere's sprayer group. I was hired as part of an initiative to transition all sprayers over from 16 bit to 32 bit controllers using the industry standard AUTOSAR operating system. In this position, I am one of a team of developers responsible for developing new features, fixing defects in existing code, delivering software payloads, and maintaining a steady release cycle. Development primarily consists of writing C++ and C, as well as building MatLab/Simulink models. So far, Deere has provided me with incredible opportunities to further my work education, as well as developing myself professionally, and I look forward to seeing where this position allows me to go.

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