ISU Themed BB-8 Droid

02/19/2016 - 02/21/2016

Project Description

We designed this BB-St8 during a HackISU competition. It is built with a Raspberry Pi, geared box motors, and a PS3 Controller to drive it. The body was made of an old globe that we no longer needed, and the inner mechanism was fashioned with a mixture of PVC and wood. The motors would spin the weighted mechanism inside the ball, which would cause the ball to roll. We attached magnets and rollers to the styrofoam head, that would connect to magnets inside the ball, in an effort to get the head to stay on the ball while it rolled. In the end, the head didn't roll with the body very well, but the inner mechanism worked very smoothly. Since we couldn't get the head to work correctly, we made up for it by elaborating on the features the droid could do well. We added a recording feature, so you could pre-record controls for the droid to follow, and it would repeat them back in perfect order. We also added a speaker and sound effect files to truly bring the droid to life. Finally, we painted the body and head to give it a very appropriate Iowa State theme, and called it done. With more time, resources, and patience, I think we could have made one heck of a droid.

Developed and Designed by Charlie Steenhagen