Senior Design Project at Iowa State

01/06/2017 - 12/15/2017

Project Description

SensorWeb is a node network solution for collecting and viewing field data. It was completed as our senior design project at Iowa State, with the goal of finding a cost effective solution for farmers to collect different data about their fields. Currently, the proprietary solutions out there are astronomically expensive when compared to our solution which came out to be roughly $11 per node, when produced in low quantity. If produced in bulk, our solution would cost less that $5. The project had 3 parts, a cheap radio-capable operational node that is compatible with any analog sensor, would collect and send data to a 3G enabled node which would in-turn send the data to our secure web server. For this project, I was in charge of the website that collected the information and displayed it to farmers. Our project won second place overall in the entire college, and we were recognized at graduation, which was a tremendous way to end my journey at Iowa State. The information website is listed below, and if Iowa State hasn't taken down the server, the project site can be found at

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