Stonestreet Software

My personal portfolio website

01/01/2016 - 01/13/2018

Project Description

Stonestreet Software is my personal website that I use to show off any project, awards, or jobs I have earned. It has experienced many different iterations, from a static Google pages site, to a Laravel application with a Bootstrap frontend. This website was the place that I got to experiment with different web development technologies to see what I like, and a platform for me to pretend like I can do graphic design. This site has a custom build admin portal for me to upload new projects I have completed, as well as jobs I have earned. Though it is up and running, it is far from complete. It is interested to revisit this project every couple of months to see what I have learned since last time, and to laugh at how ugly my coding standards used to be.

Developed and Designed by Charlie Steenhagen