Heimdall Mk I

Arduino and RPi Quadcopter with Wifi FPV

01/01/2018 - 02/15/2018

Project Description

This project is still in progress, but I decided to post it on my website so that anyone that finds their way here can see my progress. My goal for this project, is to complete a quadcopter that is controlled by an Arduino, that sends a wireless video stream to the controller. The controller is designed to look like a Nintendo Switch, with a 7 inch touch screen integrated into the case. The controller sends signals to the drone using a long range radio module. The drone is equipped with the same module, and responds to the given commands. The FPV system is built on top of the EZ-Wifibroadcast Raspberry Pi image, which uses long range Wifi modules to transmit a constant video stream. The drone constantly sends the camera feed to the controller, which displays it on the 7 inch touchscreen. There are many customizations I plan to implement, but depending on the success of this version, they may get delayed until the next version.

For up to date documentation and other images, please visit the project Wiki.

Project Wiki

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