IoT Home Management System

01/01/2017 - 04/28/2017

Project Description

SmartSync is a home management system for synchronizing Internet of Things (IoT) devices, family members’ online accounts, and other user applications. It runs as a web application, interfacing with various services to provide a more efficient home for the modern family. A “dashboard”-style user interface lets the family see the status of their household at a glance.

The SmartSync software was developed as part of a COM S 339 assignment at Iowa State University. As such, there were no commercial goals, and the software was to be given an open-source license (e.g. BSD, MIT, or GPL). It will be deployed to a server with persistent database storage and serve web pages as part of the overall web application. Our main goals were to achieve an “A” grade in the class, apply what we’ve learned about software architecture from lecture, create a fully-functioning software system with useful functionality, and build our software portfolios for seeking future employment.

A video of this project can be found at the following link.

SmartSync Demo

There were also two separate repositories for this project, as one of the goals was to implement a micro-service architecture, and those link can also be found below.

SmartSync DashboardSmartSync Backend

Developed and Designed by Charlie Steenhagen