Activity Tracker Website

02/01/2017 - 02/01/2017

Project Description

In January of 2017 I decided to switch things up and begin training for a triathlon. With little experience in triathlons, I had some serious exercising to do. I set some goals, and did my best to track my progress, but found it hard to see where I was at. I searched around for websites to help me track my progress, but was unsuccessful. That is when I got the idea to create a website that would do it for me. I decided to create this site to keep track of any users personal records and goals for any activity that they want. By setting a range of categories, Room For ImPRovement allows users to create any activity they want, and add their performances in that activity. Activities can range from swimming, to mountain biking, to typing. No longer do users have to keep track of their progress, as Room For Improvement does all that for you.

Developed and Designed by Charlie Steenhagen