PiCopter V1

Raspberry Pi Quadcopter

04/15/2015 - 04/18/2015

Project Description

This quadcopter was my first attempt at making a quadcopter using a Raspberry Pi and an Arduino, with the body being constructed with K'NEX. The Raspberry Pi received bluetooth commands from a PS3 controller which it then relayed to the Arduino to control the ESC's and attempt to fly the quad. It was made during my first HackISU, with Justin Wheeler as my teammate. We were young programmers when we attempted this, so we were never able to get the copter flying for several reasons. First, we didn't use any sort of PID algorithm to dynamically adjust the motor levels, so the quad would continue to drift away violently. Second, we didn't attach a gyroscope to the quad, so it had no way of know its attitude. For only having 36 hours to complete this project, I think we did quite a good job, considering our skill level at the time.

Developed and Designed by Charlie Steenhagen