Autonomous self-balancing robot

09/18/2015 - 09/20/2015

Project Description

An autonomous self-balancing robot built with an Arduino, a gyroscope, a custom circuit board and two brushless motors. This was built for HackISU and we were awarded the ingenuity award from Rockwell Collins. We originally showed up to HackISU with no plan in mind, so we decided to talk with companies that were present to see what they wanted done. We eventually met up with a Rockwell Collins rep that said it would be interesting to see some autonomous robot work. In the end, we decided on a self balancing robot, and they were very impressed. For this, we designed a custom circuit board that allowed the motors to reverse direction, since we didn't have time to order the correct parts online. It ended up working fairly well, but we were limited by the quality and speed of our motors.

Developed and Designed by Charlie Steenhagen